“Knowledge has a beginning but no end.”

– Geeta Iyengar

Are you confident in your business acumen?

Come and show case your business quotient with BLITZKRIEG.

Blitzkrieg opens up to you a competitive platform for the young & inquisitive minds of the country for a scintillating B-Quiz. It is designed as an innovative, interactive programme to facilitate a copious flow of knowledge and ideas packaged in exciting rounds.


Team of two from the same Institution.

There will be a preliminary screening round comprising of 25 questions. The top six teams will progress to the final event.

Any Team found not to follow competition guidelines will be immediately disqualified.

The system of bounce and pounce will be followed for scoring.

Lastly, as always, decision of the quiz-master will be final.

For any further queries please contact:

Arun G Nair - 9496922099

Akhil A M - 9446454644